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Alternatives To Direct Cremation

When choosing a funeral service, many families in the Seattle area choose cremation. This choice is made for religious, philosophic, economic, and environmental reasons. Many families feel cremation is more calming and peaceful. This article outlines some of the options available for cremation in the Seattle area. In addition, we discuss Alternatives to direct cremation. We hope this article is helpful in making an informed decision. If you are considering a Seattle cremation, please contact us today to receive your free consultation.

Cost of a direct cremation in Seattle

A direct cremation in Seattle is one of the least expensive options. In fact, it is the most basic and most affordable method of cremation. A direct cremation in Seattle can cost $1,050, while the cost of a full service funeral service can reach $8,600. Direct cremation costs are based on fees for the death certificate and cremation permit, which most packages do not include. To avoid any unnecessary costs, choose a direct cremation option that only includes the pickup and cremation of the remains.

By preplanning a funeral, a family can avoid a great deal of financial stress and grief. In addition to saving money, preplanning a cremation service allows a loved one’s family to celebrate their life without worrying about the costs. And with funeral costs increasing every year, preplanning ahead of time can spare the family the additional stress of facing increased costs. Seattle families can also consider prepaid cremation services, available through organizations like the Neptune Society of Seattle-Lynnwood.

Cost of a personalized cremation urn

The price of a personalized cremation urn varies. It can range from less than $20 to as much as $500. The material used, the size, and personalization all play a role in the final price. Many people purchase small urns and scatter them afterwards. However, if the deceased had preferred a larger vessel, a photo urn can be purchased for up to $400.

The materials used for a large urn will increase the cost of its production. Large urns may also require more expensive shipping. An original design will also cost more. On the other hand, a simple, clean urn will not cost as much. Furthermore, the urn you purchase should be manufactured in the United States, not abroad. A cheap urn from Amazon or Walmart is likely made in China or India.

Options for scattering cremated remains in a natural place

If you wish to scatter the ashes of your loved one in a natural environment, you have several options. There are several options for scattering cremated remains, including using a green burial ground. The National Death Certificate oversees these green burial sites and has guidelines for scattering cremated remains. Many green burial grounds also allow you to plant a memorial tree. By scattering the ashes of your loved one in a tree, you benefit the local community and wildlife and leave a living legacy for future generations.

Scattering the ashes is allowed in most popular national parks. However, you need to obtain a permit from the National Park Service. You can also contact the park superintendent to get more information about the rules and fees for scattering cremated remains in natural areas. It is important to remember that each park may have different criteria, so you should ask before scattering ashes. A biodegradable urn, on the other hand, can be buried in the ground. These urns decompose in the soil, and can be easily found in online urn catalogs.

Alternatives to direct cremation

There are many advantages to choosing direct cremation for a loved one’s memorial. Unlike traditional funerals, this option does not involve a visitation, funeral service, or embalming. Instead, a cremation container is used to hold the deceased’s body and the cremated remains are returned to the family in a cremation urn. This makes for a simple and cost-effective memorial.

A recent Seattle bill made it legal for families to opt for a different method. Liquid cremation and human composting, also known as green cremation, are both legal and environmentally friendly methods. These methods require less time and money than direct cremation, but do not leave behind any carbon footprint. Many families choose this option because it reduces the amount of waste from cremation. Additionally, they are less expensive than direct cremation Seattle.

When choosing a funeral home, it is important to understand the cost of direct cremation in Seattle. A full service direct cremation will cost around $1,050, while a complete service may cost up to $3,000, according to the Seattle-Tacoma area. In Seattle, funeral home costs are higher than in other parts of the state and are a significant part of a person’s overall funeral cost. A traditional funeral is a valid choice for many families, but choosing a direct cremation method can relieve some of the financial burden and cost on the family.

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