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Buy a New Chocolate Enrober

If you work in the chocolate department in any industry, you must love the process of enrobing different baked goods in chocolate sauce or syrup or pure melted chocolate. A bakery always smells of such goodness of all the products combined that you must love working there a lot. It must feel like heaven when you yourself are a chocolate-lover. If you love indulging in all things chocolate, you would know the expectations of your customers before they visit your bakery. You would know that they expect more chocolate in anything they buy.

Perhaps your customers would like chocolate sauce dripping on their plates. And when you are in charge of enrobing the products like churros or doughnuts in chocolate, you would be quite generous in performing the task since you know the more, the better. For all this to be perfect, you need your chocolate enrober perfectly, smoothly functioning.

Enjoying the process of enrobing?

Working with chocolate day in and day out, enrobing must be something that you have to do frequently. Since it is such a satisfying process, people who do not know about it should know. When someone says enrobing, it would mean wrapping any product in any kind of chocolate – milk, dark, or white chocolate. To enrobe a product, it is obvious that the product needs to be ready first.

Simultaneously, the chocolate is maintained at a certain constant temperature. Then, the chef or the person doing the job pours the chocolate in the form of a curtain from a pan on the product, which is lying straight on a plate below. A chocolate enrober allows you to do exactly this. And not just chocolate, you can cover a product with anything like caramel with the help of this machine. So, in other words, a pretty satisfying thing to do regularly.

Buy a new one then

If your enrober is quite new still, you would obviously resume using it because it is the right choice as of now. However, if it is not in a good condition right now, you may want to replace it with a new one. And if you do not have any product in your menu that involves this specific process, then you should not wait too long before your competitors get all the advantage. These desserts taste like heaven, and you must include them in your menu so that people come often at your store.

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