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Five Important Tips when Organising a Conference or Congress

Organising a successful event does not have to be very challenging. It is just important to plan in advance, work with a cooperative team, and know what you are doing. Whether you are hosting a conference or congres en estrie, here are tips that can help you succeed in this adventure:

Plan Ahead

There is no need to rush into logistics. Before starting to book the venue and contacting caterers, spend time preparing for the event. This will prevent last-minute surprises and save you lots of stress. Determine what you expect from the event. Who will be your attendees?  What type of experience do you want your attendees to have? How many delegates will there be? To set a realistic budget, consider calling previous organisers to gather information.

Work with a Good Team

Organising a conference or congress includes several aspects that all require expertise. That is why you must work with a good team to help you perform the tasks more efficiently. Also, this will let you concentrate on your main goals that include providing good content, finding great speakers, and ensuring attendees engage.

Pick your team members carefully. Find dynamic, drive, and organised team players. To keep decision-making and coordination smooth, try to limit the number of members in the team. After building a team, start delegating tasks. Assign committees to different areas of responsibility such as logistics, keynote speakers, technical programme, registration, sponsors, finance, and marketing.

Take Advantage of Technology

Leveraging the power of technology can be done in many ways. For instance, you can utilise quality conference management software to gather data, review and accept submissions, create your schedule, as well as register delegates. During the event, ensure the rooms are equipped with working A/V equipment. Also, remember that your delegates may need access to the internet. To improve the experience of your delegates, you can also use mobile apps that help them network, create their own schedule, and navigate the event.

Pick the Right Keynote Speaker

An excellent keynote speaker will get the attention of delegates and set the tone for the event. Consider the type of speakers and presentation you want. Invite both junior and famous speakers and have a good gender balance. It is always important to have a plan B should your invited speakers cancel.

Keep in Touch with your Speakers and Delegates

It is important to create an effective communication plan. Establish a strategy to communicate the content you are sharing, whom, and when. Think about using tools to send mass emails to delegates. Ensure they all get important details and instructions regarding the event such as the venue address, guidelines, dates, registration advice, and contact details.

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