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Four Important Considerations when Buying Plastic Pallets

While plastic pallets are the best choice in terms of product shipment and storage, you want to be sure about what you are paying for. It is important to take into account some things before you make your final decision. For instance, you have to ensure the plastic pallets will serve the needs of your organization because they are usually purpose-built for certain jobs within particular industries. This is the same consideration you must keep in mind when investing in Fibertech’s plastic laundry trucks. Before buying plastic pallets, make sure you consider the following:

The Materials

Is your organization concerned about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint? If so, check where your pallet manufacturer sourced their materials. Focus on investing in ones that are least partially made from recycled materials. Or try those that you can recycle after the life of the pallets is over.

Dynamic Capacity and Static Load of the Pallets

The dynamic capacity and static load of plastic pallets refer to the amount of weight they can carry when they are in their stationary state against when they are being lifted or moved. If you are using plastic pallets for storing products only, try to prioritize the static load information. But, if these pallets tend to be fork-lifted and moved around frequently while they hold products, check their dynamic capacity.

Antibacterial Materials and Special Plastics

Obviously, plastic pallets are made from plastic. However, plastics differ in purposes and characteristics. For instance, a number of them are intended to be antibacterial or food-grade. These pallets are usually used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

When using pallets for shipping products across state and international borders, it is important to check that the pallets are acceptable in the countries and states they will go to. This is an important consideration when shipping products such as food, biological materials, and pharmaceuticals. Some countries are quite notorious for their strict quarantine rules.

Pallet Stackability

If you want plastic pallets that can be stacked easily whether empty or filled with goods, think about how well they nest within each other or stack on top of one another. You will want to prioritize stacking and nesting if you have limited space.

After you consider these things and are ready to make a purchase, contact a reputable plastic product manufacturer. Choose one that has been in business for many years and has a lot of employees dedicated to offering world-class products.

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