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The Benefits Of Abrasive Blasting Before You Surface Coat.

Abrasive blasting is used all across Australia and the world, to clean surfaces, to provide an excellent finish, and to prepare the surface for the application of many materials. It can be used for metal, plastic, wood and glass surfaces. The reason why it is used, is because the service area is cleaned very quickly, and it is much more efficient than using chemical cleaning, for example. Unlike chemical cleaning, it is kind to the environment, and it helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

In Australia, we use abrasive blasting in Perth in the construction industry, and in the manufacturing industry as well. In these industries, steel and other metal is used quite a lot, and so it needs to be protected from corroding, so that the structure remains strong, and is still standing 50 years from now. There are so many benefits of using abrasive blasting, and we will look at just some of them here today.

  • No chemical reactions – Sand, soda, or iron grit blasting are all inert, and so they do not have an adverse reaction with the materials that are being clean by them. When chemical cleaners are used, there is a risk of reaction, and so there is damage to the material. 
  • It’s eco-friendly – If you want to do your bit for the environment, then abrasive blasting is the way to go. As mentioned briefly before, the media used for the abrasion are natural, and so does not give out any greenhouse gases throughout the whole blasting process. 
  • It is incredibly efficient – When you use abrasive blasting, it allows you to get to all of those places that you couldn’t normally reach by hand. This means that cleaning is more efficient and effective, it’s a lot quicker, and the whole process is much more thorough. 
  • It’s safer – The media that are used for abrasive blasting is much safer to use than using chemicals, for example. There is, of course, an element of risk when using any abrasive method, like the presence of fine dust and sand particles, but if the operator uses the necessary face mask and other protective measures, then they should be able to reduce the danger significantly. 

Using abrasive blasting to clean your surfaces allows you to save both time and money, when removing contaminants from surfaces. The trait of corrosion before the necessary coating is applied, is a reality, and so the quicker that the surface is prepared, is the difference between an excellent job, and one that has to be redone again.

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