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The Significance Of The Florida Liquor License Lottery?

Starting a small business selling alcoholic beverages in Florida sounds very profitable and as simple as starting any other start-up, but it is not that easy. It requires a special permit and licensing, which is why the Florida Liquor License Lottery is so important. It is a job that requires assurance of safety and responsibility as abuse is considerably high.

What is a liquor license?

A liquor license permits a person the right to sell liquor. In the state, a license is allowed for a certain population, which is 7,500 for each county. They are known as 3PS or 4CPS licenses. It is an absolute requirement for bars, restaurants, and retail package stores.

Eligibility for the lottery

With the limited number of licenses issued for a particular locality, it is hard to acquire one due to existing ones. Due to this, there are two ways to get it. That is either by buying one that has been already issued and is in possession of someone for the same purpose or applying for a new one that is rare to get. The government makes a new issue with a suitable increase in population or if any of the existing ones have been revoked because of illegal activity. To participate in the lottery, one has to meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age.
  • He or she should not have any felony record for the last 15 years and no criminal history with anything to do with alcoholic beverages or tobacco for the last five years.
  • One has to qualify the terms and conditions for the application.
  • The entry must be between the open period of 45 days from 3rd Monday in August and ends by 5 pm.
  • A fee of $100 has to be paid along with the application.
  • If a person qualifies and wins the chance to own a license, an amount of $10,750 needs to be paid to activate the permit.

How to tackle it?

In the end, it is all about acquiring the license so that one can fulfill the wish to open the beverage store. Remember, it is much easier to get one if one wants to sell only lighter drinks like beer and wine. The same for liquor is difficult. A person can use the help of a beverage licensing specialist to get the process done easier.

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