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Ways to Identify the Right Dropshipping Wholesalers and Suppliers for Your Business

More and more people are executing a dropshipping business to make money. The minimal investment makes it a good option for businesses that have low capital. One of the main aspects of a successful dropshipping business is to find legitimate wholesale suppliers.

The credible wholesaler is the one that buys straight from the manufacturer and offers you better pricing. In this article, we will discuss more on how to find US dropshipping suppliers.

  • They Want Continuing Fees

Real wholesalers do not charge a monthly fee from their customers to do the business and order from them. A supplier that asks for a monthly service fee or membership is not legitimate.

Goten is a trusted dropshipping and wholesale platform throughout the world. The company ensures 2-day free delivery from its local warehouses. It helps a business save time and cost while taking care of inventory, product, delivery, and after-sales problems.

  • They Sell To The Public

A wholesale supplier that sells products to the entire public at a “wholesale rate” is a retailer that offers items at exaggerated prices.

Ways to find a wholesale supplier

Once you know the above signs, you are ready to begin your search for suppliers. The first thing that you need to do is to contact the manufacturer. Call up the manufacturer and ask them to provide a list of its wholesale distributors. On getting the list, you can contact them to find whether or not they dropship. Also, ask them about setting up an account.

In this way, you can instantly source a range of products that falls within your niche. By calling the leading manufacturers in your niche, you can quickly identify the top wholesalers performing in your market segment.


If you are not wise, you may become a target of non-genuine and illegitimate wholesalers. By understanding these signs, you can easily differentiate between a true and a fake wholesaler supplier.

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