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Why Is Roadside Assistance Cover Required in Car Insurance Policy?

If you want to drive your four-wheeler on Indian roads, then you need to have a valid car insurance policy. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates all cars to have a third-party liability insurance plan. However, as the name suggests, these plans have limited coverage.

If you desire protection from natural and man-made disasters, too, then you can opt for a comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy. In addition, you can extend the coverage by opting for various add-ons offered by insurance providers. Today, we are going to talk about one such add-on cover called Roadside Assistance Cover (RSA).

When you buy a car insurance policy, the insurance company offers a range of add-on covers to help you customise the policy based on your needs. These add-on covers come at an additional cost and are voluntary. One such add-on cover is the Roadside Assistance Cover, which you can include in your online car insurance policy.

Roadside Assistance Cover in Car Insurance

When you drive your car, you need to be prepared for unexpected breakdowns. So when you buy a Roadside Assistance Cover, your insurer offers services like car jumpstart, flat tyre replacement, fuel to get you to the nearest petrol pump, or towing service to get your car to the nearest garage.

This cover can help save a lot of trouble, especially if the breakdown happens in the middle of nowhere. Most car insurance companies in India offer this add-on cover. If you plan to include this in your policy, then make sure that you add it while calculating the premium using an online car insurance calculator.

Inclusions of the Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Minor repairs: If a mechanical problem causes your car to break down and it needs minor repair, then the RSA Cover can help.
  • Flat tire: A flat tire is one of the most common problems faced by car owners. If you have purchased the RSA Cover, then the insurance company will send a mechanic to change the tire or even replace it if needed.
  • Towing service: If your car needs to be taken to a garage for repairs but is not in a driveable condition and you have a car breakdown assistance Cover, then the insurer will arrange for a towing service to get your car to the nearest network garage.
  • Battery problem: If your car’s battery is giving problems, then the insurer will send a mechanic to fix the problem and even jumpstart it if needed.
  • Spare key provision: If you get locked out of your car or lose the key, then the insurer will arrange for a spare key as soon as possible.
  • Taxi Service: Many insurance companies offer emergency taxi services to policyholders in the event of the breakdown of the car.

Exclusions of the Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Most insurance providers limit the number of times you can avail of roadside assistance after purchasing the cover.
  • Some insurers put a limit to the number of times you can avail of refuelling services in a year.
  • The insurance company can deny the services if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance or have taken part in any illegal activity.

Cost of the Roadside Assistance Cover

There are many factors that can determine the cost of the car breakdown assistance Cover. These include:

  • Age of your car
  • Make and model of the car
  • Geographic factors like your city of residence, availability of network garages, etc.

Before you buy the cover, make sure that you go through the inclusions and exclusions and use the online car insurance calculator to determine the cost of the cover. Once you have purchased the RSA Cover, the insurance company uses its network garages to offer services to you during a breakdown. Hence, make sure that you go through the list of network garages and choose a provider that has a network around the areas you drive to.

Summing Up

When your car breaks down, you need immediate assistance. Hence, before buying, make sure that you assess the reputation of the insurance provider with regard to RSA. This cover is particularly beneficial to people driving an old car since it is prone to breakdowns due to wear and tear. Also, if you frequently drive long distances, then this cover can come in handy during dire situations. Hence, when you are buying or renewing your car insurance policy, go through the Roadside Assistance Add-On Cover and include it to get better coverage from it. Good Luck!

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